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New CoverGirl Campaign is Tailor-Made for Taylor Swift (Photo Gallery)

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Taylor Swift CoverGirl
CoverGirl is unveiling a new ad campaign with Taylor Swift to promote a line of fresh makeup mixes. There doesn’t seem to be a better choice of a “Cover Girl” to promote it than Miss Congeniality herself.

Being a bit of a chameleon is something most of us have adapted as a way to navigate a complex world, and Swift is no different. With four versions of the new makeup — Country, Glam, Rocker and Clean — it makes sense that the 22-year-old would touch on the subject of how we act and how we present ourselves as key ways we interact.

“I think in life we have a bunch of different versions of ourselves and that goes with our personality and how we act around a friend, that’s how we act in a job interview… it’s all very different how we act,” said Swift.

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