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Conan O’Brien Shares Story of Survival in The Hollywood Reporter (Photo Gallery)

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Conan O'Brien in The Hollywood ReporterIt was only two years ago when Conan O’Brien found himself in the middle of a major late-night controversy. Whether you believe Jay Leno‘s disastrous 10 p.m. lead-in hurt Conan’s ratings or if you think it had to do with his quirky humor not translating to older Americans, there’s little argument that the entire ordeal was handled poorly.

In a new cover story with The Hollywood Reporter, O’Brien explains how he has emerged the victor.

Sure, the ratings at a cable station like TBS pale in comparison to those of the major network giants. However, O’Brien has acquired something worth its weight in gold: the coveted 18-to-34-year-old viewers. Where his average viewer is 37, Leno’s is 58. Conan also has the most Twitter followers and Facebook fans of anybody on late-night. In this digital age, being able to see the entire picture and not just a “ratings” number may make Conan O’Brien and TBS one of the smartest pairings of the decade.

Check out more photos of Conan O’Brien from the THR feature below.

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