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Claire Danes Glams Up for Flare Magazine

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Clare Danes in Flare Magazine

Actress Claire Danes looks beautiful as she graces the cover of Flare magazine’s November issue.

The pregnant actress was just a child herself when she began her foray into acting. As she told Flare, “I was pretty clear about what I did and didn’t want to do, even as a kid. People dismiss kids as being unthinking; they’re surprisingly discerning. I wanted to be taken seriously from the outset.”

No doubt Danes is being taken seriously now. The star just won an Emmy for her role as CIA agent Carrie Mathison in “Homeland.” It’s a breath of fresh air after playing the romantic lead for so long. Still, she says, “It’s arguable that being in love and being mentally ill are sort of similar [laughs]. But it’s true I went through this arduous decade and it did get a bit tiresome after awhile — you want to be defined in some other way.”

As for playing a character with a mental illness, Danes said, “Carrie’s disease is formidable, it’s furious, but it’s also treatable and every case is individual. I think the show offers a pretty good reflection of what that experience is like.”

Clare Danes in Flare Magazine

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