Chuck Lorre: Ashton Kutcher is Fearless

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Ashton Kutcher Chuck Lorre The Hollywood Reporter

“Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the show’s comeback with Ashton Kutcher at the helm. To hear Lorre tell it, Kutcher’s energy is absolutely magnetic. “When you meet Ashton, you understand immediately you’re in the presence of a remarkable young man,” he said.

When asked about Kutcher’s most surprising quality, Lorre responded, “He’s kind of fearless. And his enthusiasm is — it’s not recklessness, it’s a willingness to take risks, creative risks, and his joyfulness is kind of infectious.”

He wasn’t so effusive when talking about Charlie Sheen, however. Lorre’s terse responses indicate that there’s plenty of bad blood between the two. When asked if he had plans to check out Sheen’s new show, “Anger Management,” Lorre simply replied, “I have made no plans.”

Although Chuck Lorre couldn’t talk about the possibility of Ashton Kutcher returning for a second season of “Two and a Half Men,” he did say, “I’m as optimistic as I possibly can be about the show right now.” Read the rest of the interview here.