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Another week goes by with Jennifer Lawrence still atop the box office heap as “The Hunger Games” collected over $20 million this weekend. With the #1 spot well in hand (again), it was which new release would take the second spot that piqued our interest: three buffoons dusted off the mantel by those raunchy comedy masters the Farrelly brothers, Chris Hemsworth before grabbing the hammer of Thor and Guy Pierce kicking ass in space jail.

Sean Hayes / Bobby and Peter Farrelly – “The Three Stooges”

With most critics ruling favorably with this reboot of the landmark comedic trio starring Sean Hayes (and a slew of cameos from Sofia Vergara to Larry David), “The Three Stooges” went into the weekend with some confidence. And with $17 million, enough to take #2 this weekend, it was a pleasant surprise for Fox (especially for a project that was at one point supposed to be headlined by Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Benicio del Toro). Though others weren’t as joyous, like the president of the Catholic League who condemned the picture this week. But when you combine the antics of the Stooges with the Farrelly brothers that’s kinda the reaction you’re expecting, right? Speaking of the Farrellys, what’s the latest on the “Dumb and Dumber” sequel? Peter Farrelly gives a little bit about the plot to The Huffington Post.

Chris Hemsworth / Joss Whedon – “Cabin In The Woods”

Shelved since its completion in 2009, this horror inspired by producer Joss Whedon and director Drew Goddard’s dislike of the “torture porn” films of the early 2000s grabbed the #3 spot this weekend with $15 million thanks in large part to horror fanatics and the legion of fans who love Whedon’s TV work like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” (he also directed Marvel’s next big release, “The Avengers”). This also marks the film that launched Chris Hemsworth’s career, as Whedon personally called “Thor” director Kenneth Branagh to encourage him to look at Hemsworth for the title role. And as they say, the rest is history. Whedon and Hemsworth are back together now for “The Avengers,” which hasn’t stopped filming, according to reports this week, though it already had its premiere. Is there cause for concern?

Guy Pearce – “Lockout”

There are some people you can just watch in anything, and for us Guy Pearce is one of them. Only making $6.4 million this weekend, WWTW predicts this sci-fi action film will find its true audience in the streaming and DVD market. Though the film is considered by most to be underwhelming, Pearce’s wise-ass performance has found universal praise. After seeing “Lockout” this week, critic Matt Singer tweeted, “Please see LOCKOUT. If only so I can watch 10 more movies with Guy Pearce as this character who I love more than some members of my family.” It seems like Pearce enjoyed the role too, as he told Cinema Blend, along with why he just had to fall off the map for a while.

And the Celebs.com’s Winner of the Week is…
This week was a close one, but we decided that “Stooges” star Sean Hayes gets the prize. It’s good to see the funny man back on the big screen because we get to check out great stuff like this: here’s a funny bit he did on “The Late Show with David Letterman” this week.

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