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Chris Hemsworth Plays a Race Car Driver in ‘Rush’ (Video)

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chris hemsworth rush

Chris Hemsworth plays a race car driver in upcoming movie “Rush.” The Ron Howard film centers around the true story of two Formula One rivals in the 1970s. Hemsworth plays James Hunt, an English playboy, who goes up against Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). The movie is said to expose the competitiveness of Foruma One racing.

In a new trailer for “Rush,” Hemsworth is seen walking into a hospital, barefoot an with a bloody nose after an altercation with a fellow driver. James is at the height of his career when Niki hits the scene and brings some serious competition. The two become each other’s driving forces after Niki is injured in a racing accident, but recovers to face-off against James again.

“Rush” also stars Olivia Wilde and Alexander Maria Lara. The movie opens September 27. Check out a trailer for “Rush” below.

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