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Chris Hemsworth Rocks a Laid-Back Look on the Cover of Out Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Chris Hemsworth in Out Magazine

Chris Hemsworth embraces his Aussie heritage and poses for the latest issue of Out magazine. The Thor actor spoke with the magazine about his lucky break with Joss Whedon and why he was worried about being cast as the superhero god.

“Being that size, you are very quickly stereotyped,” he said. “Clearly, you can’t be talented if you’re that bulky. He’s going to be a meathead, you know?” he says. “You do wonder if you’ll be restricted and not allowed to do anything else. But what it gives you far outweighs those negatives. Kenneth Branagh, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins — this was not your average blockbuster superhero thing.”

Hemsworth took the role of a lifetime, and this Aussie’s star is sure to continue to rise. Check out the rest of his Out magazine editorial below.

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