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Chris Hemsworth Gets Stylish for Esquire Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Chris Hemsworth graces the September 2013 cover of Esquire magazine. The Australian actor is best known for his starring role in “Thor,” but audiences who aren’t familiar with superhero movies will get to see him in the upcoming “Rush,” where he plays James Hunt — a real-life Formula One racer from the ’70s.

“Thor is large,” he says. “For that I had to add some muscle, which hasn’t been all that hard so far. I like training just fine, thanks,” Hemsworth told Esquire. “But to play a Formula One driver, I had to drop quite a bit of that. You know, slim it down. First time I looked at a Formula One car in person, I just stared at the cockpit, figuring I’d never get in there. The drivers wear the whole car like a tight-fitting suit. So I just started training differently, shedding all that Thor. I’ve come to see size as just a kind of prop.”

While in his upcoming film, Hemsworth plays a race car driver, the actor says he is familiar with the world of racing but doesn’t particularly like driving cars.

“I grew up in a culture of motorbikes,” he said. “So I like┬áracing┬ájust fine. Quite a lot, actually. That was when I was a boy in Australia. And I never really made the jump to cars after that.”

See more of Hemsworth in the gallery below.

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