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Chris Evans Looks Dapper in Prestige April 2012 (Photo Gallery)

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Chris Evans in Prestige

Chris Evans dons a dapper blue suit in the April 2012 issue of Prestige Hong Kong. The “Captain America” star rocks a full beard and short haircut that shows off the actor’s baby blue eyes. In the accompanying interview, the actor revealed how difficult it is to make a good movie.

“I’m surprised by any movie that is successful,” he admitted. “At this point I’ve made a lot of films. I’ve made about 20 movies and I’m probably proud of three. It’s not easy making a good movie. All these people coming together. All these individual creative minds trying to cook one dish. It’s hard to make it taste right, you know. So any time you have a quality film, it’s a blessing.”

Evans also admitted that he’s thought a bit about what would happen if a big-budget summer blockbuster like “Captain America” were to flop: “At the point of Captain America being offered to me, I had already made quite a few stinkers. I couldn’t afford to make another one, let alone another one on that scale. If you make one that big and it fails, your days are numbered.”

Check out more photos of Chris Evans in Prestige below.

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