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Chris Colfer in ICON Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Chris Colfer in Icon Magazine

Chris Colfer looks handsome and sophisticated in the pages of Icon magazine’s winter issue.

The “Glee” star spoke about being typecast. “Sometimes [I do worry], but I feel like if I have that worry, then I’m doing something right. It is interesting how many people really thinking that I am my character and that ‘Glee’ is actually a documentary. But i don’t really see that as my problem. I’ve always know what I wanted to do and what I’m capable of so I’m not worried about it. I think it’s more of the world’s problem than mine.”

The actor also spoke about being a writer. “When I was ten years old, I got really into telling stories and entertaining people, and that’s when I chose my profession. I always hated reading and being told stories because I always wanted to change what I was hearing. It was the first story ["The Land of Stories"] that I came up with and it kind of morphed over the years.”

As for his advice to others, Colfer says, “As cheesy as it sounds, if you dream it, it’ll happen. As long as you’re trying, you’re succeeding. You only stop succeeding once you give up. And I’ve met so many people who have just given up and it’s so sad. But I think as long as you’re trying to accomplish what you want, then that’s succeeding.”

Read more in the latest issue of Icon.

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