Charlize Theron’s Golden Globes 2012 Outfit Cost How Much?!

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Charlize Theron Golden Globes 2012

We know that celebrities wear insanely opulent outfits to awards shows, but Charlotte Cowles and Amy Odell of The Cut broke down the cost of Charlize Theron‘s Golden Globes 2012 outfit, and their findings will astound you. Although Theron’s gown, jewelry, shoes and accessories would retail at a whopping $8,079,905, the actress didn’t have to pay a cent to wear them.

Designers love it when celebrities wear their designs at red carpet events because it’s free publicity; accordingly, they’re happy to loan out couture, vintage or fresh-off-the-runway looks to top stars like Charlize Theron. By The Cut’s calculations, Cartier, for example, loaned her over $8 million worth of jewelry, while Christian Dior loaned her a $30,000 couture gown and a $20,000 couture purse.

The full breakdown appears at New York Magazine. Are you surprised at how much money it takes to make an already-beautiful star like Theron sparkle at the Golden Globes?

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