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Charlize Theron Calls Fame a ‘Freak Show’

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Charlize Theron in W Magazine

Charlize Theron doesn’t mince words when it comes to talking about fame. “It’s become a freak show,” she told HELLO! magazine in a recent interview. “It drives me insane. There are certain places that you just can’t go. I’m OK with that, but it’s the things you can’t avoid, like when you’re going home. That’s not even sacred anymore.”

The always-on nature of paparazzi coverage is jarring for an actress who regularly pokes fun at her own profession. “You can’t take this industry seriously,” she quipped. “We want to believe we’re curing cancer, but we really aren’t.”

Theron’s criticism of fame is only likely to grow now that she’s adopted baby Jackson and become a mother. Do you think paparazzi coverage comes with the territory, or should celebrities have some privacy rights?