Charlize Theron Autographs ‘Chicken Cutlets’ for Struggling Strangers

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charlize theron

Charlize Theron recently helped out a pair of struggling actresses in West Hollywood by whipping out her silicone breast enhancers — often nicknamed “chicken cutlets” for their shape — and autographing them for the girls to sell at a yard sale.

“The girls told them show biz wasn’t paying the bills and Charlize said, ‘Well, I feel sorry for you girls,’” a source told National Enquirer magazine. “‘I know what it feels like, but don’t give up. Be true to passion, work hard and a break will come. But wait, I have an idea.’”

The source also said that within minutes of Theron signing the enhancers, men swarmed the girls’ garage sale. They were eventually able to sell the chicken cutlets for nearly $1,000.