Charlie Sheen’s Ex Undergoing Extreme Rehab

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We’ve heard of extreme makeovers, but extreme rehab? That’s a new one.

Charlie Sheen’s dealt with his fair share of substance abuse rumors, and he and Brooke Mueller–Charlie’s ex-wife–have more in common than just twin sons Max and Bob.

Brooke’s been through rehab more times than can be counted on one hand, and last week, she was snapped holding what appeared to be a homemade crack pipe. It was a devastating blow to Brooke’s sobriety, even though she claimed the pipe was for smoking medicinal marijuana.

Everything came to a head last Tuesday, when Brooke was reportedly acting belligerent on an airplane and got into a heated argument with a flight attendant.

Apparently, Brooke has reached her rock bottom, because she’s en route to an experimental, “extreme” rehab program in Mexico, where she will take a controversial hallucinogen called ibogaine, which is illegal in the U.S. The drug is said to ease cravings for drugs and alcohol.

A source tells Radar: “Brooke is absolutely desperate. She wants to be sober, and she thinks that this could be just the thing that will do it. Brooke is aware of the dangers of ibogaine, but she is going to proceed anyway.”

Where’s Dr. Drew when you need him?

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