Charlie Sheen to Receive $25M Settlement

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Two and a Half Men might have made ratings history last night, but Charlie Sheen is still kind of “winning.”

In case you forgot (not likely), Sheen was canned from the hit show after going on a rampage filled with call girls, hospital visits, tiger blood, warlocks, goddesses, and one trashed hotel room. Seeing how Chuck was the highest-paid actor on the boob tube, he was none too pleased to see his very steady and very enormous paycheck suddenly stop appearing in his inbox, so he sued Warner Bros. for wrongful termination to the tune of $100M.

Warner has decided to settle with Charlie out of court. Although Sheen won’t get the full amount he’s aiming for, it looks as if the settlement will make him $25M richer.

From “two and a half” to twenty-five million. Not a bad deal.

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