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Channing Tatum vs. Mark Wahlberg – Celebs.com’s WHO WON THE WEEK

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It turned out to be a stronger weekend than expected as the girls really came out to support the Hollywood hotties, but college humor prevailed thanks to a child’s toy come to life.

Mark Wahlberg teamed with a raunchy teddy bear (voiced, directed & written by “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane) and Mila Kunis to top the domestic box office with $52.5 million; while, close behind, Channing Tatum’s retelling of his stripping past, “Magic Mike,” co-starred ab-ripped stars like Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello and came in with an impressive $38 million on a budget of a fifth of that.

With it being battle of the pretty people, let’s find out whose true hotness/hunkiness won them the WWTW crown.

Mark Wahlberg / Mila Kunis / Seth MacFarlane – “Ted”

The debut feature for “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane didn’t lack the foul-mouthed debauchery we expect from the man who created Peter Griffin. Over at MTV, MacFarlane broke down the hilarious fight scene between Walhlberg and his bear buddy, while at The Daily Beast, we learned why Mila Kunis’ character in the film isn’t your typical comedy love interest, and that’s a good thing.

In other news during the week, Wahlberg revealed to David Letterman he’s going back to high school to get his diploma (he dropped out in the ninth grade). Kunis admits she likes to help set up her friends through online dating and also talks about her weight gain since shooting “Black Swan.”

Channing Tatum / Matthew McConaughey / Joe Manganiello – “Magic Mike”

Before Ann Curry split from the Today show this week, she got to witness the flash stripper mob that occurred when Tatum showed up to promote “Magic Mike.” (Don’t ever say the show didn’t give you anything back, Ann.) And, even before the opening weekend tickets could be counted, Tatum announced that he would be taking “Magic Mike” to Broadway in 2013 in what’s sure to become a bachelorette party staple.

We also got to see Tatum in drag on Jimmy Fallon and learned that he is going to be the next Superman… WHAT???! Ahhh, not so fast, he’s going to voice the Man of Steel for the Lego movie.

Tatum wasn’t the only hunk from “Magic Mike” making the rounds this week. Matthew McConaughey admitted that romantic comedies saved his career, while Joe Manganiello showed off his beer gut on The Soup and let it be known that he’s not dating Demi Moore.

Enjoy this bonus clip from “Magic Mike.”

And the winner is…

There’s a lot of ripped abs and pecks in this week’s WWTW, and at the top of the heap are the faces of both “Magic Mike” and “Ted”: Tatum and Wahlberg. In fact, they both have built their careers on their looks and talents to do their job with lack of clothing (remember the Marky Mark days?), but this is Tatum’s time.

The 32-year-old heartthrob is no stranger to WWTW, because frankly he’s been slaying the 2012 box office. This is the third film he’s headlined that’s gone #1 its opening weekend (“The Vow” and “21 Jump Street,” previously), and what’s even more impressive is that all three are different genres, keeping Tatum clear of any pigeonholing by the industry.

So congrats Channing, you’ve won WWTW! Now put some clothes on so our ladies can go back to settling for us normal joes.