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Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx are Bromantic in The Hollywood Reporter (Photo Gallery)

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Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx show-off their budding bromance in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter. The pair costar in the upcoming “White House Down” and have been making viewers laugh during their antics on their promotional tour.

“I must say I wasn’t sure,” Tatum said of his role in “White House Down.”  “A lot of people call me up, and they want to put a gun in my hand, and it’s such a weird place to be in. America is very, very divided right now. But I felt [this film] was a good way to point out some of the issues in our country [including the polarization of Washington] without being too dramatic or heavy.”

On his costar Foxx, Tatum says going to work was like a trip to the theater.

“Being with Jamie is like going to the theater while you are on set. He is the purest form of entertainer I’ve ever met in my life.”

See more of Tatum and Foxx getting goofy in the gallery below.

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