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Celebs.com’s Sound-Off: The Song, Album & Music Video of the Week

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by Vic Caretti (@Loudvine)

Song of the Week: Fallulah “I Lay My Head” 

Danish artist Fallulah (aka Maria Apetri) has a lot people talking!
Hell bent on making a name for herself with some snazzy music, the artist is blazing a trail with her unique genre-bending blend of folk-pop sounds. Her debut full-length album “The Black Cat Neighbourhood” is out on August 21 via MBM Records.
Stay tuned for more from Fallulah…This girl’s music is rad, contagious and we’re looking forward to seeing her on tour in the US at some point later this year!
Album of the Week: Resist 7 by Future Twin

Well, what can I say? I have a new favorite album. It’s by San Francisco’s Future Twin and the album is Resist 7. Future Twin is badass, taking the heritage of San Francisco 60′s girl-rock, and turning it up a notch with hard-driving, raucous punk noise. This is what you’ll want to play whenever you need a quick-pick-me up, it’ll shoot right through you, giving you a dose of total rawness.

You’ll wonder why you haven’t played it before. Warn the neighbors (or don’t), though, as you’ll want to play this full blast!

Music Video of the Week: Spiritualized “Little Girl”

This is really cool small town meets big time music. Spiritualized recently premiered their video for “Little Girl” and, judging by their press release, it might have been their last!

 ”…two crashes, a wrecked bike, a near-death tank rattle, 12 burnt-out tires, a broken whipped cream charger, and the crew narrowly avoided arrest after police caught them filming a high speed tracking shot on the autobahn into Berlin at 4am.” 

The video takes place in Eisenhüttenstadt (Iron City), a town in the Oder-Spree district of Brandenburg, Germany.  I dig that they fought all that and rallied to make a video with the Brit space rock vibe! After all, who doesn’t love a bit of Brit space rock vibe???