Celebs.com’s Sound-Off: Our Song, Album & Music Video of the Week

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Song of the Week: Future Islands “Cotton Flower” 

2011 was an incredible year for Future Islands. The Baltimore band rocketed onto the national stage with music so powerful, so dynamic, a lot of us were left proclaiming to anyone who would listen, “don’t be a fool, just blast this!”

The song of the week is a reminder of how great 2011 was, because we got schooled to these awesome 80′s new wave pop sounds. The song is also a rallying call to get behind the new stuff the band is starting to leak out. This is one band that gets you fired up.
Album of the Week: “Quill” by Bison

There is something beautiful about the stripped down, organic quality of music that is Bison. Hailing from Chesapeake, Virginia this band is doing some wonderful things. It’s exactly the type of music that more people should be listening to and sharing these days.
Give it one play, two or three and be swayed into a world of possibility as Bison takes you on their mountain top chamber folk music trip…I know I have been in a better place since listening to Bison!
Music Video of the Week: Amanda Palmer “Want it Back” (Uncensored)

Way before she was breaking all Kickstarter records, Amanda Palmer was just making music, connecting with fans and touring. Now, as she readies her new album (which drops later this year), she has put out a new video collaboration with the Grand Theft Orchestra for “Want it Back.” This video is dynamic and stylistic, and Amanda’s body is used as a canvas. Wow!  
Be sure to check her out on tour starting September 10th.
By Vic Caretti (@Loudvine)