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Celebs.com Sound-Off: Our Song, Album & Music Video of the Week

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Song of the Week: Alicia Keys “New Day”

Alicia Keys. Enough said! The one and only Alicia Keys is in the studio working on her new, fifth, album slated for release later this year.

The single “New Day” is all about discovery. Keys has explained to press, “For the new album, it is a new journey. It is a new story. There’s so much that is new to talk about, and I think all of our journeys are so incredible.” For now, the multi-platinum artist and Grammy winner has given us a little taste of what she’s got coming. And we’re definitely hungry for more.

Album of the Week: “Breakup Song” by Deerhoof

Deerhoof are it again, fusing sounds like only Deerhoof can. When describing their own music, Deerhoof said: “We’ve just finished this sensational slice of Cuban-flavored party-noise-energy music. We called it Breakup Song. Just don’t expect a bunch of Grammy®-baiting sob stories, OK?” Lets leave it at this; the album which drops in early September is absolutely stupendous and fun. Deerhoof is set to go on tour in support of the album starting in September.

Music Video of the Week: Bowerbirds “Stitch the Hem”

Bowerbirds stopped by Braund Sound Studio and recorded a fantastic rendition of “Stitch the Hem” off the album “The Clearing.”

The power of Bowerbirds is their simplicity, managing to find a perfect harmony amidst untraditional beats, effortlessly combining guitar, cello and keys for an original but orchestrated folk feel. This wonderful video should get you ready for their fall US tour dates.

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