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Celebs.com Sound-Off: Our Song, Album & Music Video of the Week

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Song of the Week: Dylan LeBlanc (@dleblancmusic)

Nashville’s Dylan LeBlanc is one of those artists who’s hard to forget and Celebs.com is happy to introduce this amazingly gifted singer/songwriter to its readers. Dylan’s hypnotic music is a lush mix of folk, country and Americana. For this week’s “Song of the Week,” we found the artist but couldn’t pick just one song (sorry, our bad). Click below, enjoy the album and be sure to pass it along to your friends. Starting on September 1st, Dylan will be on tour and you’ll be sniffling, reminiscing about the time when he was just our pick of the week.

Album of the Week: “Centipede Hz” by Animal Collective

It seems everyone is going crazy and simultaneously streaming the new stuff by Animal Collective. The band recently debuted their new album – Centipede Hz – on Animal Collective Radio. Yes, the entire album is streaming on their site, each song accompanied by a video crafted by Abby Portner (who was responsible for some of their stage design for shows in 2010).

Though Centipede Hz comes out on September 4th via Domino, you can join the delirium by clicking this link.

Music Video of the Week: The xx (@thexxfans) – “Chained”

Like a slow, seductive, musical creep The xx is getting ready for the release of their new album “Coexist” which comes out this fall. The indie-electronic and plush signature harmonies are ever-present on the follow-up to their 2009 debut, “XX”. The xx has leaked out a few songs for their adoring fan base to keep appetites whetted until the new album hits vendors. Enjoy this video for “Chained.”

Curated by Vic Caretti (@Loudvine)