Celebs.com Sound Off: Cher Lloyd, Swedish House Mafia Vs. Antidote & Frank Turner

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Last week’s re-awakening of the music industry after a hefty winter break birthed an excellent batch of new tunes this week.

With music from Cher Lloyd, Swedish House Mafia & Frank Turner there’s fresh stuff emerging from every genre.

The Week’s Best Single: “Antidote” – Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party

Swedish djing trio, Swedish House Mafia has churned out yet another hit that will wow club goers.

The music video, which was also recently released, has been rated nc-16 due to excessive violence and nudity. Filmed as a first person shoot ‘em up video, where the fourth wall is broken and the viewer becomes apart of the action, it is most definitely intense.

The Week’s Best Album: The Second Three Years – Frank Turner

Folk Singer Frank Turner carved a special place into the hearts of his early fans with the release of gritty albums - Poetry Of The Dead and Sleep Is For The Weak.

However, his latest release, The Second Three Years is a veritable collection of rarities, B-sides and covers that marks a triumphant return to the imperfect sound that caught the ear of die-hard fans.

With B-sides from his albums England Keep My Bones, Rock N Roll EP If I Ever Stray there’s the gritty, sing-song tenderness that gained him notoriety as one of the UK’s most notable up & coming folk artists.

The particular collection of covers on this album gives indelible insight into Turner’s talent, offering a fresh take on songs that have been distinguished in pop culture. The cover of The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup” is an excellent example to which it’s worth paying particular attention.

If you’re an established Frank Turner fan, or a casual listener looking for something new, The Second Three Years promises to deliver.

The Week’s Best Music Video: “I Want U Back” – Cher Lloyd featuring Astro

The 2010 UK “X-Factor” fourth place finisher, Cher Lloyd continues to prove that the successful path is paved by the determined & talented.

Lloyd’s third single “Want U Back” continues to dominate with it’s catchy beat and love lorn bad girl lyrics about exacting revenge on an ex.

The photo montage – signifying the way technology causes society to capture life in a series of flashes – works perfectly to tell the story of the singer’s ex-boyfriend, moving on after Lloyd dumps him, and baiting the singer’s jealous side.

All-in-all, “Want U Back” brings the fun with what is sure to be another popular hit from the charismatically-named Brit.

Sounding-off for Celebs.com, I’m Sabrina Cognata. Catch you next week.