Celebs.com Originals: The Sexiest Ever Photos of Kat Von D?

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Earlier in the week we posted this article of Kat Von D portrait shots by celebrity portrait artist Lionel Deluy, whose images have defined our impression of the inked icon as not only a tattooist, but as a celebrity larger than her art.

That said, with the success of that story, and figuring that Kat could use some good news after the cancelation of “LA Ink,” we asked Lionel if he’d like to share any additional images of Kat, and he sent us this treasure trove. You’ll recognize one or two, but we’re sure there’s a couple here you’ve never seen before.

Are these the best photos of Kat Von D ever taken? We’re not sure what exclusive pics Jesse James has in his inbox, but we think that Lionel’s photos constitute about twenty good reasons the tattooed twosome is back together.