Celebs.com Original Interview: Olivia Wilde talks The Change-Up and Oprah’s BFF

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Olivia Wilde talks The Change-Up and Oprah’s BFF brought to you by Funny Clips

Celebs.com talks to Olivia Wilde about her new film, “The Change-Up,” starring Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds and Leslie Mann. The film, written by the guys responsible for “The Hangover,” takes the body sway comedy genre into the R-rated zone, a classification of film that has grossed more than $1bn already this year. Unfortunately, opening weekend saw the film kick-off its run with fourth placing at the US box office, right behind Wilde’s other film currently in theaters, “Cowboys & Aliens.”

Check out the gallery below for Olivia Wilde on the red carpet at Germany’s premiere of “Cowboys & Aliens” in Berlin

Gallery photos courtesy of Universal Pictures and Getty Images.