Celebs.com Original Interview: Alan Tudyk & Tyler Labine talk ‘Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil’ (& Beef Pudding)

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Written and directed by Eli Craig (aka Sally Field’s son), Sundance and SxSW fan favorite “Tucker & Dale Vs Evil” is finally being released into theaters on September 30. Celebs.com’s Alyssa Caverley caught up with its two lead actors last week in Beverly Hills, these… are their stories.

Tudyk (who plays Tucker) has become a familiar face with roles in “Knocked Up,” “3:10 to Yuma,” “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” “Arrested Development” and “Serenity;” Labine (Dale) has been busy with “Rise of The Planet of the Apes,” “Sons of Tucson” and another 65 titles dating back twenty years to his pre-pubescent teens.


In our exclusive interview, Labine shares his love of beef pudding, and the actors reveal that they’re both currently bearing full work-plates.

Starring as one of the hot college kids who gets mixed up with these backwoods teddy bears for whom accidents become a haunting part of life, is “30 Rock‘s” PYT, Katrina Bowden (of whom there’s a great pic below, courtesy of Magnet Releasing).