Celebs.com Live from Elton John’s Oscar Party

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Sir Elton John may be ready to make peace with Madonna, telling reporters that if he wasn’t at his own shindig he’d either be at Vanity Fair’s or Madge’s, “Probably not invited to Madonna’s this year but she does have  a great  party!”  When asked about putting together his guest list, Sir John says first on the list is always Smokey Robinson because “he’s my idol.

Now in it’s 20th year,  the Elton John Aid’s Foundation fundraising event sold out at 910 guests with tickets ranging from $3,500-$5,500.

All the (recently) single ladies were out tonight.  Leading the pack, Heidi Klum who showed up in a canary yellow mini dress sans wedding ring. Katy Perry, still donning a  blue head of hair made a mad dash down the red carpet. And, finally, Kim Kardashian descended the carpet with pregnant sister Kourtney glued at her infamous hips.

Squelching break-up rumors… Hollywood headlining couple, Miley Cyrus and “The Hunger Games’” Liam Hemsworth came to the party together and left the party together a few hours later, generously making use of all the photo opps in between.

For the evening’s entertainment, Sir Elton booked L.A.-based indie pop band FOSTER THE PEOPLE to perform.  Although the band (together only since late 2009)  say they still think of themselves as “a bunch of friends who like to play music together,”  lead singer Mark Foster admitted that when he got the call from Elton earlier this year that life as they knew it was changing:

Pretty surreal phone call to get. We talked about tonight’s event and we talked about end of the year vacation plans.  The guy is just super down to earth.”

And, when the guys are asked about any guests they feel intimidated to play for, Smokey Robinson’s name again rises to the top, “Smokey Robinson! That guys a legend.

Smokey, who graciously gave press interviews in order to rave about Sir Elton Johns contribution to HIV and AIDS research over the past two decades, was equally all heart in expressing his excitement in meeting new artists like FTP, to him they are already family, “I feel like I know everyone in the artist community… I know them through their work.  And it’s just a pleasure to get to meet them and say hi.”

Story & photos by Celebs.com’s Angela Bakke on the red carpet.