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Celebs.com Junk Drawer: Katy Perry, Russell Brand and Madonna

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Katy Perry at Kids' Choice Awards
  • It’s time to slime! Katy Perryis just one of many celebs who took a chance and attended the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. (Yahoo!)
  • “Great Balls of Fire,” he’s at it again: Jerry Lee Lewis wed his cousin’s ex-wife. (Rolling Stone)
  • Keith Olbermann may be planning a date with Al Gore — a court date, that is. (TMZ)
  • Is Chevy Chasing Charlie? “Community” star Chevy Chase might be the next sitcom star to battle his show’s creator. (Radar Online)
  • According to Russell Brand, there’s nothing to get over if you weren’t under it in the first place. (Exposay)
  • Got vodka? Then you’re ready to take the first step on the stairway of Fergie‘s weight loss secrets. (USA Today)
  • It’s the ’80′s, it’s the ’90′s… nope, it’s 2012 and Madonna is still finding ways to get banned from television. (Pink Is The New Blog)
  • “Smash” star Megan Hilty hopes to have a hit all her own by signing a real-life record deal. (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Alexander Skarsgard takes a nice leisurely stroll while his alter ego Eric prepares for a new season of “True Blood.” (Just Jared)
  • Kevin McGuire, Taylor Swift‘s very special date for the Academy of Country Music Awards, will be watching from a hospital bed instead. (The Huffington Post)