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Celebrities Sing for Miracle Whip in New Commercial

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Lance Bass and Susan Boyle for Miracle Whip

A group of celebrities have banded together in support of Miracle Whip. The brand’s latest adage is simply to give the mayonnaise substitute a try.

“A lot of people say they hate us without ever trying us. And that’s wrong, like saying two plus two is 17B,” the company said in a statement.

The commercial aired on Sunday night during the Grammy Awards and featured an odd group of people — Lance Bass, Susan Boyle, Tiffany, The Village People and Gilby Clarke. Poking fun at music videos like “We Are the World” where singers group together to perform for a good cause, the 2.5 minute commercial wants you to “Keep An Open Mouth” about Miracle Whip.

“Open your mind, open your mouth. The world can be a sweeter place, that’s what it’s all about,” Susan Boyle sings.

Check out the latest Miracle Whip commercial below! Highlights include cheesy lyrics and a lot of over-acting.

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