Eyes Wide Shut: Wife Is Seen and Not Heard

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It’s blind item time! Put your guesses in the comments section!

1. Which ’70s Emmy winner from a classic TV comedy who is now in her 80s has embraced California’s anti-Prop Eight movement? Turns out the actress jumped on the marriage-equality bandwagon after her adult daughter came out of the closet recently?! (National Enquirer via Blind Gossip)

2. Our actor is a solid B lister, probably forever because of all his television work. Although lately it has been slacking, he had a very, very good run. His forays into movies have always sucked. Our actor requires his wife to ask what she can wear that day. He also requires that she only speaks at parties when she is spoken to, and cannot offer up any tidbits on her own, especially while our actor is speaking. The wife must eat at the same time as our actor. All expenses she incurs must be approved in advance by him. Oh, and she has to ask permission before getting to leave the house alone. (CDaN)