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‘Catfish’ Brings More Drama for Expanded Season

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catfish season 2 trailer

Catfish,” the television show which exposes real-life online relationships, has debuted the trailer for its second season, bringing even more relationship drama and surprises in its expanded season of 16 episodes.

The trailer features the show’s dynamic duo, Nev Shulman and Max Joseph, as they travel across the country to uncover the secrets behind online relationships. In the trailer, viewers are introduced to a girl who has been in a relationship for eight years but has not yet met her long-time love. In another instance, we see a man who has given thousands of dollars and his bank information to a woman he has never met in person. At one point, Shulman and Joseph exclaim at the computer screen after presumably discovering something shocking.

“Catfish” returns to MTV on June 25 at 10pm. Watch the season 2 trailer here.

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