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Cara Delevingne Covers Vogue UK (Photo Gallery)

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Cara Delevingne in Vogue UK

Cara Delevingne graces the March 2013 issue of British Vogue, looking as gorgeous as ever.

It’s hard to believe but the gorgeous model is single. She spoke to Vogue about being on her own. “It’s so hard… I’m traveling all the time and the thing about me is that I’m very independent. From the age of 16, Poppy and Chloe have had long-term boyfriends. The longest term boyfriend I ever had was when I was five. And I think the first proper boyfriend I had, I got hurt and after that I was like, ‘What the frick is the point?’ I’ve never been in love, this is the thing. And how can I get someone to love me if I don’t know who I am? I’m still trying to figure this out.”

She continued, “There is something about modeling that stresses me out. There’s something about having to be pretty… it’s just not for me. I do sometimes feel a bit alien. It’s not that I don’t want it, or I don’t love it… S*** I grew up quickly last year. People ask me, ‘Are you happy?’ I don’t ask myself that question because I don’t have the time.”

Read more in the latest issue of Vogue UK, available now.

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