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Brooke Burke-Charvet is Health’s April 2013 Cover girl (Photo Gallery)

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Brooke Burke in Health

Brooke Burke-Charvet has been bravely battling thyroid cancer. Perhaps this makes her Health magazine cover feature all the more meaningful.

The television personality discussed her coping mechanisms. She explained, “Dance through the chaos. Breathe through everything. I’ve got four kids–including a 13-year-old going on 30–and this is my second marriage. I know there’s not going to be balance in every day, so I don’t beat myself up. I’m an idealist; I strive and dream big. But I focus on the stuff that really matters, and I let everything else roll off. Truly, truly, truly.”

As for the secret to her slim-figured success, Burke-Charvet said, “Lunch is usually my largest meal. I love sushi. Or I’ll do a huge salad with mixed greens and vegetables like cucumbers, and I’m not afraid of avocados. Then I top it with a really nice piece of salmon or other fish.”

Read more in the April 2013 issue of Health, available now.

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