Britney Spears Video Director: ‘I Didn’t Want Brit’s Beau!”

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Everyone agrees that Britney Spears‘ new video for “Criminal” is her sexiest ever. Yes, sexier than “Oops I Did It Again”. Yep, even sexier than “Baby One More Time”. Promise.

But the eye-searingly hot sex scenes captured onscreen between Brit-Brit and her real-life love Jason Trawick almost didn’t happen!

Director Chris Marrs Piliero says that when Britney originally pitched Jason to play her bad boy love interest, he balked, saying: “I wanted to make a really rad, epic video, and I definitely got the sense from her she wanted something really cool. And in my mind, I was just thinking then, ‘We really should not be using your boyfriend; we should get an actor.’ So, I mean, I didn’t say that, but in the back of my mind, I’m like, ‘I don’t like this idea at all.’”

Thankfully, Chris caved and the rest is history. Steamy, seamy history. And he himself admits: “At the end of the day, Jason killed it. I really do like a challenge, and I really do like the idea that I’m a director and my job is to direct and get the performance. For me, it was a fun challenge to be like, ‘I’m gonna make sure that you are awesome,’ and he was.”

Real-life attraction doesn’t lie!

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