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Britney Spears Reveals the Recipe for her 8th Album

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britney spears album recipe

Britney Spears has revealed the recipe for her upcoming eighth studio album. The singer took to her Facebook page to give fans a bit more insight on what they can expect from her new music.

Serving 5 million with a total time of a year and a half, the album includes “Sweet ‘…Baby’, not that innocent ‘Opps!’, self-confident ‘Britney,’ damn hot ‘Zone,’ club-smashing ‘Blackout,’ personal ‘Circus,’ …and powerful ‘Femme Fatale.’”

“Mix it all together in a vanilla-smelling studio,” the recipe reads. “Pour some B-love into it. Stir it carefully with a producer’s spoon until combined. Wait about a year. Pour the mixture into CD cases and cover the top with ‘bonuses’ stickers.”

Spears’ upcoming album is due out later this year and was executive produced by will.i.am. The album is said to be completely different from the singer’s usual pop sound and is reportedly her most personal album to date.

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