BREAKING NEWS: George Clooney Arrested

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George Clooney was arrested this morning, doing what, sometimes, only a celebrity can do. That is, bringing attention to a cause in a part of the world often ignored by the mainstream media.

President of “United to End Genocide,” Clooney was protesting outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC, calling on Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to end a blockade the protesters allege is stopping aid from reaching Sudan’s Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile population. The protesters further claim that the actions of the Sudanese President and his backers constitutes an ethnic cleansing.

After returning from a recent trip to the Nuba Mountains, the Oscar-winning actor testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, appealing to the Committee to pressure China to cease its investment in oil sourced from the Sudan as a measure to prevent human rights abuses allegedly taking place in the region.

The arrest, for civil disobedience, saw Clooney in good company, his father Nick was also arrested, as were Congreess men Al Green, Jim McGovern and Jim Moran, Martin Luther King III, and the president of the NAACP Ben Jealous.