Billie Joe from Green Day Kicked Off Flight Due to Saggy Pants

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Everybody knows that when you go through airport security, you have to take off your shoes and belt. But let the following tale be a warning to those who don’t cinch their belts tight enough before boarding the plane: you might find yourself back in the airport and not en route to your destination!

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day boarded a Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank when a flight attendant asked him to hike up his saggy jeans. Armstrong fired back, “Don’t you have better things to worry about than that?” The attendant again asked him to adjust his droopy drawers and he refused and was promptly removed from the flight.

Billie Joe later Tweeted: “Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f***? No joke!”

Southwest apparently reached out to him after the incident, apologized, and put him on the next available flight.

Sounds like a bunch of Dookie to us.

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