Celebs.com Junk Drawer: Married Ladies (Put a Kid in It)

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  • Beyonce‘s babymaker has begun to tick. (Celebitchy)
  • Here’s Hugh Hefner‘s new girlfriend, if girlfriend means “the young woman I pay to come to premieres with me so my cooter mag stays relevant.” (Yeeeah!)
  • Johnny Depp duets with Alice Cooper. (Allie Is Wired)
  • Ugly Betty America Ferrera got married, non-ugly style. (PopCrunch)
  • Florence Henderson once got crabs from a politician. (PopBytes)
  • Mac from Always Sunny got chubby just for laffs. I admire that. (The Superficial)
  • Halle Berry‘s in court for an out-of-the-blue custody hearing. (I’m Not Obsessed)
  • Mel Gibson has reached a divorced settlement with ex Robin. Excuse me. I mean “$ettlement”. (Gossip Cop)