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Benedict Cumberbatch Covers The Hollywood Reporter (Photo Gallery)

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Benedict Cumberbatch covers The Hollywood Reporter‘s A-List issue. With four movies coming out this fall alone, the actor certainly deserves the title of “A-List.” However, his most notable upcoming role is in “The Fifth Estate,” in which in plays WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.

“The thing is this: I have a profound respect for Julian,” he says. “I also have a profound respect for the need of states to have a currency of secrets in order for Western democracy to exist and for fundamentalism to be defeated. And I don’t think Julian is interested in fundamentalism triumphing.”

It is, perhaps, Cumberbatch’s role as Sherlock Holmes on BBC’s “Sherlock” that the actor is most known for. It has certainly led him to having a huge fan base that calls themselves the “Cumberbitches” (the actor admits this makes him a bit uncomfortable). However, the actor says he is nothing like the character he plays at all, which is partially why he chooses to keep much of his life private.

“I’m not like Holmes. I don’t have his capacity to compartmentalize,” he said. “I’m now haunted with, ‘But he did want children, and now he doesn’t? What’s gone wrong? Is he gay? Can’t he commit to relationships?’ All this speculative shit. There’s a point where I just go, ‘I’ve said all I have to say.’ ”

See more of Benedict Cumberbatch in the gallery below.

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