Ben Stiller Sells Hollywood Oasis (Again, & Not to Jason Statham)

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Although it was reported back in August that Jason Statham had picked up Ben Stiller’s Hollywood Hills compound for $11.5 million following the Stillers’ reported move to New York City, the LA Times is now reporting that Stiller has just sold PART of the three-property property, and Statham’s name is nowhere in sight.

While Stiller and wife, Christine Taylor, combined three properties to create the compound, the latest reports state the couple has just sold part of the compound, a Spanish-style, 5,334 sq.ft. house with gorgeous tiled landscaping, for $7.325m. The report continues to note that the second house on the property (4,062 sq.ft., 4BR/4.5BA) is still on the market for just under $3m.

Photos sourced from Luxist.com