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Ben Affleck Gets His GQ ‘Men of the Year’ Cover (Photo Gallery)

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Ben Affleck in GQ

Ben Affleck scored one of the coveted covers of GQ’s Men of the Year issues.

Inside the magazine, Affleck was incredibly honest, even discussing his own father in a way he might not have before. “I lived with this tremendous fear of failure, because my father was a playwright and a director, and I think he did a couple of things as a child as an actor as well, and he… he failed, basically. Not just being an alcoholic and stuff. He didn’t do what he said he was going to do. He worked with guys who later became famous, like James Woods and Dustin Hoffman, and he wasn’t successful. And that wasn’t going to be me.”

It seems the actor and now accomplished director falls back on that self-appointed work ethic. He spoke of his career as a director by saying, “I appreciate the fact that I get to do it, and I work really, really hard. I went into it thinking, ‘I’m new at this,’ but I also went into it with a healthy sense that I needed to succeed, and the one thing I could control was to work as hard or harder than anyone else.”

Read more in the December 2012 issue with Ben Affleck, available now.

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