Behind-the-Scenes: Zoe Saldana Shows Crazy Skills on “Colombiana”

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Aside from signing up for two sequels, how do you follow up the motion-capture portrayal of a blue Na’Vi peace-loving warrior?

Use those skills, and more, to portray an assassin in a high-impact, adrenaline-inducing revenge movie. Written by Luc Besson, well-versed at making beautiful women into heroines, and directed by a guy who changed his last name to the Transformer-like “Megaton,” Zoe Saldana takes charge of this terrain, and adds her to a short list of contemporary femme fatales who can lead a movie into battle.

While the film doesn’t seem set to do Lara Croft type box-office numbers, the producers have lined Saldana up alongside some familiar faces such as Michael Vartan (“Alias”), Max Martini (“The Unit”), Jordi Molla (“Blow”) and Cliff Curtis (“Live Free or Die Hard”). From this video, including shots of Saldana’s training for the film, it doesn’t seem that Saldana was at all intimidated by the testosterone of the majority of the cast.

The tag line for the film is “Revenge is Beautiful.” Seems to make sense to us.

“Colombiana” opens August 19.