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Behind the Scenes of The World’s Most Powerful Artist, Ai Weiwei – a Celebs.com Original Interview

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Celebs.com’s Elliot V. Kotek speaks with director Alison Klayman about her film “Ai Weiwei Never Sorry,” a documentary about China’s leading artist (and Time Magazine’s 2011 runner-up for Person of the Year). In 2011, Ai was named by “ArtReview” magazine as Number One on their Power 100 list (he was also ranked in the 2010 issue of the list). Earlier this year, Ai received the inaugural Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent from the Human Rights Foundation.

Klayman’s documentary is an engaging introduction to, and exploration of, the artist and the forces that drive his work. Following Ai’s work on the famous bird’s nest stadium in Beijing in 2008, his actions, many of which are critical of the Chinese government, have seen him reprimanded in a variety of ways, and it is documentaries like this, as well as the artist’s own engagement with his fans through Twitter, that continue to add to the legacy he is fast constructing.

Check out the interview with the Sundance Award-winning director to find out more about the artist and his work, and then check out the film’s trailer, also below.

The film opens in New York tomorrow, and in Los Angeles on August 3, 2012.