Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked on ‘Ellen’

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A few weeks ago, the rebooted, Sheen-free Two and a Half Men gave fans a teaser as to what was to come with a billboard featuring stars Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and Ashton Kutcher in the buff.

And yesterday, Ashton continued the bold, nude tradition by appearing in the buff on the season premiere of Ellen.

“It’s getting a lot of attention,” Kutcher told Ms. DeGeneres, in regards to the naked billboard. “So I just figured I’m going to do everything nude from now on.”

The camera pulls back, revealing Ellen’s mom on the couch, who says, “I think it’s a GREAT idea!”

And from the look on Ellen’s face, we can assume that The Kutch measures in at more than just “two and a half”.

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