Ashton Kutcher Men’s Health Interview Reveals Actor’s Thoughts Before Divorce Announcement

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ashton kutcher men's health

As we reported, Demi Moore filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher on Thursday, but this December 2011 Men’s Health interview had already gone to print. In it, we see the actor-turned-tech-investor’s thoughts on relationships during a precarious point in his own.

When asked to finish the sentence “I could never be with a woman who…” Kutcher answered, “I could never be with a woman who felt like she needed to change me.”

Since this is Men’s Health, though, the interview primarily focuses on his involvement with the tech industry, love of the Web and embrace of reality. “I’m relatively scared of failure,” he admitted. “But I just don’t see it as something that’s inevitable.”

Read the rest of Ashton Kutcher’s Men’s Health interview here.

ashton kutcher men's health

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