‘Twilight’ Actress Ashley Greene in BlackBook November 2011 (PHOTO GALLERY)

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This cover shoot and editorial of Ashley Greene in the BlackBook November 2011 issue sheds light on the “Twilight” actress’ life and cements her good-girl image with plenty of anecdotes about family and her tomboy childhood.

For starters, her father used to be a Marine and instilled plenty of discipline in Ashley and her brother growing up. “There was a lot of discipline, and with what I’m doing now, I’m glad for it,” she said.

Despite her glamorous image, Greene also reveals that she was a tomboy growing up who wasn’t afraid to get rowdy. “I broke my arm twice, I broke my femur twice, I split my head open twice,” she recalled. One leg even has pins in it from a trampoline accident.

The best quote from Ashley Greene’s BlackBook interview, however, doesn’t have anything to do with family, but with success: “If you end up unsuccessful, on the street with no friends, it’s probably because you’re a jerk. It’s not necessarily divine intervention. Your actions predict what happens.” Do you agree with her?

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