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Armie Hammer Talks Returning to ‘Justice League’

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Armie Hammer was scouted to appear as Batman in “Justice League: Mortals,” however, the film never saw the light of day. Now that a new “Justice League” movie is in the works, the “Lone Ranger” actor says he’s not sure he would return to the DC ComicsĀ movie.

“I don’t know man, that was before Marvel had crushed it with everything,” Hammer said when asked if he would return to “Justice League” as Batman.

The actor added that the last attempt at a “Justice League” film simply could not compete with Marvel’s “The Avengers,” because each character already had a big fan following.

“It doesn’t seem like it would have been executed as well as Marvel’s done theirs. What they did is they created a following for each of the individual characters and then put them together in a movie, so you had all the people who were Thor fans, all the people who were Hulk fans, all the people who were Iron Man fans, all came together to watch this one mega movie. That was a great idea.”

Would you like to see Armie Hammer play Batman in “Justice League?”

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