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Armie Hammer Poses With His Wife for Town & Country (Photo Gallery)

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Amie Hammer and his wife, television personality Elizabeth Chambers, grace the cover of Town & Country. Hammer talks about his most notable role in “The Social Network” and his starring role in the upcoming “The Lone Ranger.”

“The Winklevoss brothers’ great achievement, a big source of pride, comes from the fact that they went to Harvard. And I’m a guy who dropped out of high school… My parents thought I was an idiot,” Hammer says of the differences between himself and the Winklevoss twins, the role he played in “The Social Network.” “They thought it was ridiculous to drop out in 11th grade to be an actor. So, no offense to the Winklevoss brothers, but really we couldn’t be more different.

Producer of “The Lone Ranger” Jerry Bruckheimer said Hammer showed a lot of commitment to the film.

“We endured blizzards, windstorms, 120-degree days in Utah, and more sand and wind than you can imagine. Physically it was quite an ordeal for the actors, but Armie never let on,” he said. “He’s very committed and he’s fearless, an avid sportsman, very athletic. Out in the desert, he just rolled with the punches. He camped out in Monument Valley and slept outside with the crew.”

See more of Hammer and Chambers in the photo gallery below.

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