Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand in Trouble?

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When quirky Katy Perry met cuckoo Russell Brand and they fell in love, it seemed like the perfect fit. Despite her strict religious background and his former hard-partying (in and out of the bedroom) ways, the two shared a fun-loving attitude and a wild sense of humor.

But friends are wondering if the couple’s love for one another will be enough to keep their marriage strong, as Katy continues her California Dreams tour and Russell films Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise.

Star magazine reports (via Celebitchy):

Katy and Russell will spend only four days together in the next six months, Star has learned. “Neither of them thought about the crushing reality of their demanding careers or the effect it would have on the marriage,” a mutual friend tells Star exclusively. “They love each other, but they’re barely ever together.”

“It was all Russell’s doing,” a mutual friend says of Katy and Rusell’s whirlwind romance. “He is a recovering addict and in love with the idea of being in love. He told her that they’d overcome any obstacle. Katy’s actually very young and impressionable compared to him, so when he said, ‘Let’s get married! What could possibly go wrong, we’re so in love!’ she was totally taken in.”

Maybe Katy and Russell should get some advice from a long-term Hollywood couple who have proven then can make it work. How about you, Warren and Annette? You busy, Kevin and Kyra?

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