Anthony Michael Hall Arrested

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Sounds like someone’s about to get kicked out of the Breakfast Club.

Actor Anthony Michael Hall, best known for ’80s classics like Sixteen Candles and Weird Science, was placed under citizen’s arrest last night outside of his condo complex in Los Angeles.

Neighbors claim the once-wimpy, now-buff star went on a bizarre rampage around the property, tearing up plants, angrily pounding on doors, and shouting at neighbors.

A call was placed to 911 and Hall was arrested for disturbing the peace, a conclusion that came as no surprise to one neighbor, who told TMZ that AMH has been flipping off his building mates and threatening bodily harm to them for quite some time now.

“I have considered buying a gun to stay safe from Hall … he’s the scariest person I’ve ever encountered in my life,” a source said.

Chill out, Rusty Griswold!

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