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Anne Hathaway, Samuel Jackson’s Holiday ‘Sad Off’

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Samuel L. Jackson, Anne Hathaway in Funny or Die 'Sad Off'

According to Anne Hathaway, “Nothing says Christmas like slaves and whores.”

Both Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson have sad and tragic movies being released this Christmas. Hathaway stars as a prostitute with tuberculosis in “Les Miserables.” Jackson stars in “Django Unchained,” a film that centers on slaves and a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. This prompted the hilarious minds over at Funny or Die to come up with a ‘Sad Off.’

In the video, Hathaway and Jackson have what starts out as a good-spirited argument over whose movie is sadder, but it quickly turns into a throw down of the funniest kind. Jackson builds a plantation gingerbread house and Hathaway bursts into a tuberculosis rendition of “Silent Night.” All bets are off as the two do their best to win the debate over whose movie will bring more tears.

See the video for yourself below and tell us, who do you think won the ‘Sad Off’? (Warning: Contains explicit language)

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